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Cool Covid Creative. OOH. Billboards. DOOH

Dick Didn't Get His Covid Shot. Don't be a

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Cool Covid Creative

Massive Media shared this note and creative for OOH addressing the Covid vaccine. Massive told us they recognized the billboard Industry wants to do more to help stop the pandemic so their design team, led by Jori Rosenfield, created some excellent OOH designs and laid out a few messages in standard sizes that can be easily posted.  The out of home creative goes from cool to spicy with something for everyone. Massive will customize any message for any plant or vendor.

By sharing the designs, Massive hopes to be helpful in a ‘vaccination challenge’.  OOH Today is delighted to share to get the ball rolling.

Below is a Box link for Covid vaccine awareness digital billboard art. A preview of the 11 layouts is attached here.  Files are spec’d in standard sizes at 72dpi with sRGB color—and each file name contains the pixel dimensions.

If you are interested in revised messaging or color combinations, please contact Rob Rukstalis, Rob@massivemediainc.com at Massive Media

LINK:  https://app.box.com/s/y2n2zvx2xpjho8m2im04gjdu2lz26n7s

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