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Why There’s No Need to Fear or Hope, but only to Look for New Weapons.  

 The future of OOH —

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A few weeks back we shared an op-ed post on the future of Autonomous Vehicles and its potential effect on Outdoor Advertising.  The point of the past post was Autonomous Cars could be the end of traditional OOH as we know it today.

We received a few phone calls  and even fewer emails, chastising OOH Today’s post and to our surprise, the comments were, “Why even bring the subject up?”  The OOHToday.com article was called,  Autonomous Cars —the Grim Reaper of OOH, as the Internet was the Executioner of Newspaper.

Autonomous Cars —the Grim Reaper of OOH, as the Internet was the Executioner of Newspaper

We firmly believe the best way to protect the Industry, is to stay ahead and keep an eye out for what’s around the corner.  We will not bury our heads in the corner as so often is the want of Investors who value their short-term positions in Outdoor Advertising more than the long term future of the OOH Industry, choosing to ignore or even deny Industry issues not suited to their financial view.

OOH Today advocates embracing change and innovation to find a place for both.

Let’s choose not to make it a ‘either or‘ but a ‘yes and‘.

It is better if we address issues head on and come up with solutions. One brings innovations to the table or becomes the part of the menu.  Let’s find solutions that OOH owns and embraces, rather than something we believe we can’t want or are uncomfortable with, which excludes us from the conversation.

OOH Today will continue to share and post ‘tough’  Industry subject matter.

Our aim is to draw out the answers and solutions to the issues facing OOH by examining the problems, asking questions,  and help define the needs of OOH and report as they appear.  If we fear or repress discussion, solutions will not come forward.

We share the sentiment of 20th Century French philosopher, Gilles Deleuze , who said, There’s no need to fear or hope, but only to look for new weapons.  Who’s in?

There’s no need to fear or hope, but only to look for new weapons





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  1. Andrea says

    Out of home is a tangible asset. So I agree with you Josh the real estate it encompasses has great value. Not just the advertising. Also with Internet of things custom Wi-Fi networks will bring more revenue through sponsorships- with your data a customized advertisement can be served to me based on my preferences in my daily route. The ordinances that didn’t allow full motion video- could potential be changed- now that it will no longer be a distraction to the driver- I have other ideas but I will keep them to myself ha!. :))) Joshua Lawton PMP, CSP, CSM

  2. Bill Board says

    Ms. Messimer, thank you for your insights. We want to hear your ‘other ideas’. They are always so damn good. Please share!