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Why OOH Advertising in Denver?

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Denver Out of Home

Media companies typically produce videos showing off the cities they are located in.  The video typically consist of photos of iconic venues, historical landmarks and people, lots of happy people.  The video story includes statistics of population and demographics along with economic data. They typically are produced as though it is a promotion for the city and its economic development council and not the Out of Home company.

Lamar Advertising’s Denver video came across our monitor and it appears to be an exception to the standard boiler plate stuff we described above.  The OOH coverage Lamar provides in the video is detailed and persuasive. The map and icons representing each media platform Lamar offers was well done.

Video is here. This submission by Lamar for Denver is a strong example.

What does your video promotion look like?





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  1. Todd Hansen says

    That is a really good video

  2. Bill Board says

    Lamar Denver did well. Thank you for your comment.