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Boston Billboard Builders Battle

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Tom Sullivan
RJ Valentine







Great Billboard Brawl

Most of the time, ‘first in’, is the most important criteria, when securing a permit for a billboard.
It appears to be the winning process for this billboard battle in Boston suburb, Braintree.  At $2.5 million over 20 years to the city for the rights to build a digital OOH structure, it is important the city permitting gets it right.

Two prominent businessmen, Tom Sullivan and RJ Valentine, in Braintree, Massachusetts are battling for the right to install a digital billboard on Interstate 93 in Braintree, MA.  State rules prevent a digital billboard from going up within 1,000 feet of another one, so the first up prevents the other from building.

RJ Valentine appears to be in good shape with his permit request in fist.  In the meantime, the Massachusetts Office of Outdoor Advertising, is scheduled to hear a presentation on the 40-foot billboard Valentine wants to install.  He has already received approval from the Braintree Planning Board.

Sullivan, meanwhile, is still waiting for his proposed billboard at the property next to Valentine’s to be approved.  Sullivan has sued Braintree, claiming town officials erred in approving his neighbor’s billboard.

Read details of 2 businessman “slugging it out over billboard rights,” in the Boston Globe story here⇒ Great Billboard Brawl of Braintree.”




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