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Who Bought Those ‘Zeke Who?’ Billboards?

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Who Bought Those ‘Zeke Who?’ Billboards

From the pages of 

Trolling Cowboys fans about the ongoing Ezekiel Elliott holdout situation, the digital bulletin creative read:  Knock Knock.  Who’s there?  Zeke.  Zeke Who?


Thanks to general manager Dave Peacock, Lamar Advertising, Philadelphia, the story is told.

See the SI story here⇒  Mystery: Who Bought Those ‘Zeke Who?’ Billboards in Philadelphia?





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  1. Katherine Albert says

    The “Zeke Who?” billboards got a ton of airtime on Dallas’ sports talk radio shows. I applaud the Lamar Philly team for a fun, clever creative and making outdoor relevant… even though I am a BIG Cowboys fan. Happy to report Zeke is back in town and we’ll be knocking on Philly’s door in October!!

  2. Bill Board says

    Thank you Katherine Albert. Dave Peacock loves stirring it up with OOH in Philadelphia and has been very successful in raising awareness of the Lamar plant in that part of the Country. You are very gracious in recognizing the ‘fun and clever creative’ as a Cowboy fan to credit an ‘Eagle’. Let the rivalry continue. Especially if the ‘Boys’ get Zeke signed this week.


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