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Capturing a great glam shot requires some patience, skill, and timing.  Shooting a specialty shot, especially inside a bar will always be a challenge.  You do need permission.  You can’t just waltz into private property and start snapping commercial photos.  Secondly, people aren’t super friendly with cameras these days …especially in a bar, so oftentimes a cell phone can do the trick without creating conflict.  

Let’s look at the setup of this shot.  There’s only one advertisement visible in this photo and it’s the clients, prominently displayed (as it should be.)  Most of the background has just the right amount of out-of-focus images that tell the viewer you’re in an establishment where you can get an adult beverage. Bartender, beer menu, a mix of patrons, and television screen.  There’s no other product placement even with the catsup bottle competing with the client’s ad. The guy in the foreground gives you some perspective on how close you are interacting with this ad.  Lots of things going on here but all in all a great photo.

by Steve Lind, Chief Evangelist of FotoFetch
206-409-2647 http://fotofetch.com/ Instagram  LinkedIn
FotoFetch is your enterprise resource solution to photography, videography, drones and beyond.  Fotofetch is a U.S. Corporation with investors from around the world changing how we approach commercial photography.  Combining technology and evolving commercial photography solutions FotoFetch serves industries as an on-demand photography source for anywhere in the world.

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  1. Linda says

    Great idea and placement/location as online betting continues to grow!

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