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“Where Does It Hurt”?

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Brushing up your basic skills’ set is as critical to your career growth as anything you do.  Outside reading. Seminar. Class. Coaching. YouTube. There are dozens of ways to enhance work proficiency and maintain sharpness as a professional in Out of Home. Keep learning and growing. Keep your stuff, the right stuff!

Tom Pilotti, ‘America’s sales and marketing Coach’ shares his ideas on framing the right OOH sales and marketing questions and how they can increase sales!



by Tom Pilotti,
Tom Pilotti Worldwide
America’s Sales and Marketing Coach





“ Asking the where does it hurt will get you more traction that anything else you can do”

It’s really simple folks…It’s easier to sell aspirin than vitamins!
The key to quick traction with any Outdoor Advertising prospect is asking brilliant questions. You need to be asking them specifically, “where does it hurt”. Then you are able to supply the needed help that only well executed Outdoor Advertising campaign can provide. Taking any other course of action guarantees you a “let me think it over” response.

It’s all about quick traction.

It’s all about appearing to be an advertising authority.

It’s all about controlling the sale.

Are you seeking hard answers to, “what other media that you use is not working, and why”?

Are you asking the client to move 20% of a competitive media spend into an OOH buy to compliment and turbo charge the entire media mix?

Are you asking the client that if they could change one thing about his marketing what would it be?

To play the game at this level, you must be dialed in, otherwise you simply remain a professional visitor in the eyes of the prospect, as they do not take you seriously.


Do you know how much a ½ page newspaper ad is in your market?

If not, how can you build a sales pitch on value?

Do you know how much a 60 sec radio spot is in drive time on one of the top stations in your market?

If not, how can you sell the idea of a better media mix by taking money away from a non-performing media spoke?

Do you know how much a ¼ page Yellow Pages ad is?

If not, how can you tell a client he is truly wasting his money?

These type questions lend themselves to being able to do a real diagnosis on answering the question “what is keeping you up at night Mr. Prospect”.

And frankly, without these types of direct, straight forward probing and analysis questions you will never know if you are being told the truth!

I don’t know about you, but I never negotiate against ghosts!

As I always say, people will ALWAYS make time and money available for a person with a great idea on how they can increase sales!

OOH sales and marketing questions?






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