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What’s A Woke Brand Vs Slept Brand?

You Should Know Defining Brands’ Favorite Strategy For Gen Z Connection

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A Woke Brand Vs Slept Brand 

Do you know what they are?  —Gen Z Connection

Ubimo provides excellent examination defining Woke verses Slept Brands while also sharing strong data and insights on each with Gen Z considerations. OOH Buyers and Sellers aside; Well worth the read for the schooled (that would be you) and unschooled (that would be me). 

It is all Ubimo from this point on. 

Gen Z Results —Woke Vs Slept Brands

by Ubimo

“Purpose-driven advertising” and the “woke brand” have emerged as brands’ favorite strategy for  connecting with the Gen Z consumer. But according to data from location intelligence platform Ubimo, brands shouldn’t put all of their eggs in a single “purpose” basket.

With a store of data from 12MM locations nationwide and 150MM MAUs, Ubimo sought to find out whether “Woke” stores really perform better than “Slept” brand locations (apparently that’s the opposite?) among Gen Z consumers, and found that purpose isn’t a silver bullet.

For example:

  • Most “woke” brands analyzed (Patagonia, Nike, Uniqlo, etc.) saw a negligible lift among this audience compared to the rest of the U.S. population.
  • Despite being notorious for its anti-gay stance, Chick-fil-A is hugely popular among Gen Zers, over indexing the general population for foot traffic at its stores by 26.9%.

Additionally, there seems to be a misalignment among how Gen Zers feel about certain brands and where they put their money. In looking at some of Gen Z’s favorite brands as listed by Morning Consult, order of emotional preference doesn’t line up with where these folks are going (Target (#8) experiences 9.7% lift among Gen Zers, while Dollar Tree (#19) sees a 15.3% increase).

● Gen Z increasingly asks more from brands than previous generations and they seek “woke” brands who promote social justice

○ 90% of Gen Zers think that companies have an obligation to address social and environmental issues (Link)
○ 82% said that their favorite brand embraced social responsibility (Link)

● Do Gen Zers visit the stores of brands they deem “woke”? Or are they actually going to the stores of brands that
are “slept” and don’t promote social justice and environmentalism?

● Analyzed visitors to brands in the past 90 days
● Calculated Lift for the Gen Z demographic, defined in the panel as 18-24 (panel does not include minors below 18)
○ Lift is the percent change compared to the control group (national average for each demographic in the

This independent analysis is based on Ubimo’s location intelligence platform. As such, Ubimo does not have any relationship with the brands featured in this report, nor should the independent analysis be construed in any way to suggest otherwise. Ubimo data is always anonymized and aggregated.


Woke Brands

● Generally, there is not an over representation of Gen Zers visiting the stores of brands that are deemed “woke,”

○ This means there is not a significantly higher percentage of the Gen Z audiences at these stores compared to the control

○ Gen Z are actually underrepresented at Chipotle, which touts sustainability and environmentalism

● Apple is the exception since there is a 17.4% lift to Apple stores for Gen Z

○ This means that percent of visitors to Apple stores from Gen Z is 17.4% higher than their average representation nationally

● Maybe Gen Z is ordering the brands with low lifts online instead of in the stores

● Gen Z is not visiting brands they deem “woke” in higher percentages


Slept Brands

● For “slept” brands, the results show that Gen Zs avoid some “slept” brands but frequent others

● Chick-fil-A, despite an anti gay marriage stance, still attracts the Gen Z crowd, with a 26.9% lift of Gen Z audience to their stores

○ This means that the percent of Gen Z customers seen at Chick-fil-A is 26.9% high than the national average

● On the other hand, “slept” clothing brands like Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret do not attract the Gen Z crowd since they see negative lifts of 56.3% and 13.6% respectively

○ This means that both these brands see an under representation of Gen Z in their stores compared to the national average

● There is a higher percent of the Gen Z population visiting “slept” Chick-fil-A than any of the “woke” brands, including Gen Z darling Apple and Chick-fil-A rival Chipotle


Other Gen Z Favorite Brands

● According to a recent survey, some Gen Z’s favorite brands include those listed to the right

● Of these favorite brands, Dollar Tree and Dunkin’ see the highest percentage of Gen Zers in their stores, as shown by the largest lifts of 15.3% and 11.1% respectively

● Pizza Hut sees the lowest percent, shown by the negative lift of 5.5%






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