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What Types of Local Advertisers are Buying Outdoor?

Whose is buying OOH local OOH?

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What types of Local Advertisers are Buying OOH?

Gordon Borrell, of Borrell Associates, surveyed  1,039 OOH Buyers.
The survey respondents were OOH buyers from agencies to advertisers direct,
from LA to Boston and near where you are reading this today.
One of the survey’s questions:
What types of local Advertisers are buying Outdoor?
The answers are below in the graphic. 
Not surprisingly Retail leads the way followed by Arts and Entertainment.
 Surprisingly ‘Restaurants, Food & Beverage’ run a distant 7th place at 11% below retail.

The OOH Today sales view

1. Compare your market’s revenues breakdown by category for any significant oversights.
2. Are all the categories covered for future opportunities?



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  1. Jean-Paul Gedeon says

    Very cool insights, I’ll be comparing this today with our numbers too

  2. Bill Board says

    Jean-Paul, thank you. We hope it helps your sales efforts!

  3. LOCAD says

    Well, Very good to see insights. Numbers are always good to analyze the trend in the market. Will surely compare with our stats.

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