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What? it’s 2023 and you still have not joined SellerCrowd?

SellerCrowd is an anonymous community for media salespeople

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Publisher’s Note:
What? it’s 2023 and you still have not joined SellerCrowd?
With the coming bad year, you need all the help you can get.  Place SellerCrowd in your quiver.  See below on how to join.


SellerCrowd is an anonymous community for media salespeople. Hundreds of OOH sellers gather on SellerCrowd to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Discover some of the hottest topics being discussed by the crowd here…

Moving to Another Home
Rapport/Mediahub have lost the Pacaso account – anyone heard where it has landed? @Vert42 says Rapport indicated a small shop picked it up, but didn’t know who. Full Thread Here>>>

In It For the Long Haul
@Spy Hereby is curious to hear from the crowd who are the largest Perm advertisers? Full Thread Here>>>

Setting Goals
Have you received your 2023 revenue goals yet? Cast your vote in this poll from @Chapman83. Full Thread Here>>> 

DOOH: Good Move to Make?
@Sticky Plumcot would love to hear the crowd’s thoughts on DOOH: Is DOOH a good move these days for sellers? What is the top player in the space? Full Thread Here>>>

 Budgets & Strategy: What are Clients Saying Out There?
@Zagg87 is curious to know what others are hearing from clients about budgets and overall strategy? They’ve been seeing delays in planning/IOs YoY, but no one has mentioned a recession as a concern or reason to pull back. Join the discussion. Full Thread Here>>>

What Lies Ahead for 2023?
That surely is anyone’s guess. Last year sellers adapted as the industry continually changed as the year went on. Our first ‘Poll of the Week’ for the new year asked the SC community how sellers were feeling about meeting sales goals for Q1. The votes continue to vary and anything can change between now and the end of March. 🗳️Join the discussion and cast your vote. Full Thread Here>>>

Do You Know?
Does Rapport still handle Grand Canyon University? If so, does anyone happen to have a POC? TIA!! Full Thread Here>>>
Does anyone know where UCSF Medical Center buys through? ( San Francisco Hospitals). Full Thread Here>>>
Anyone know who handles the So Cal Ford Dealer Group for OOH? Full Thread Here>>>
Does anyone know where the Champion Energy account is, now that Proof Advertising (OOH partner Billups) no longer has the account? Full Thread Here>>>

SellerCrowd’s community of thousands of veteran ad sellers has been working together to share breaking news about brands and agencies since 2011.
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