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We Worked with Angelyne, LA Billboard Queen —What 6 OOH Veterans Had to Say

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We Worked with Angelyne, LA Billboard Queen


Yesterday’s OOH Today post on the LA Billboard Queen, Angelyne, drew over 1,450+ total LinkedIn views and a number of OOH veterans who worked with the infamous Angelyne shared their stories.  Here is what OOH Veterans had to say about working with Angelyne the LA Billboard Queen.


Working with Angelyne 


As you read through the comments of those who worked with Angelyne, ask yourself this: Who does the mini series depict as the OOH Sales person? Is it Jeff Joaquin? David Kovisto? Michael Tom? Or Glenn Emanuel? Or someone else? Will we be able to figure it out from the mini series? Building drama to the opening. 😎

Glenn Emanuel was the first to share his experience working with Angelyne. Fur coat as payment? Read on. 

“I met Angelyne many times…at the time I owned Vista Media the 8 sheet company in Los Angeles. She was always fun to talk with and she always very professional. Angelyne was a very savvy promoter and marketer. Everyone in the outdoor business knew her. She was the queen of trade. At some point she was on every company’s boards…bulletins 30’s 8’s benches. As long as it was West Hollywood and/or west LA. She once offered me her full length mink coat for space. I turned her down…”


David Kovisto rode in the pink corvette and spoke of trade deals. Inquiring minds want to know; did Patrick Media take any of the trade offers?

“She was my client for a few years when I was at Patrick Media/Eller Media. She was savvy and would pretty much always set up a trade deal. I met her for lunch one day and rode with her in her pink Corvette. Quite an interesting experience.”



Michael Tom has been with Clear Channel Outdoor for 23 years, followed in David Kovisto’s footsteps working with Angelyne, which makes Michael a legend as well!

“She was my client after David Kovisto left. She is a legend in LA OOH and as mentioned in the other posts, all completely accurate. In fact, she used our parking lot with our yard boards with her copy on it for a couple of photo shoots as well.”



Not at all surprising based on his vast experience in the Outdoor Advertising Industry,
 Jeff Joaquin, met Angelyne. Here is what Jeff had to share.  

“She was one of the best self promoters I have ever met and I remember once she wanted to trade billboard space for personal appearances. She became famous by purchasing billboards around LA with her image. Everyone knew who she was because of the billboards as she created the Angelyne iconic brand. She helped create the brand ambassador and social influencer categories, before they existed.  I remember in 2002 she wanted to trade billboard space for personal appearances and then became the Dodgers Left Field Foul Ball Girl. She led the way as a self created celebrity and may have been one of the first social influencers, before the term existed. She used billboards to become famous, and everyone in LA knew who she was. Looks like an interesting movie.”


From the knowledgeable veteran who knows the inside of LA OOH, here are descriptive superlatives only can deliver. 



Finally, inspired by her billboards, Robert Kennerson, though he never met her, tells his story on the career guiding impression the Angelyne billboards made on him.

Robert Kennerson operator of Arena Outdoor Advertising 

“I moved to Hollywood in 2000 and there was an enormous, visually dominating Angelyne billboard at the corner of Sunset and Highland for the entire 5 years I lived there. I had no idea who she was or why she had a billboard, but that particular sign at perhaps Hollywood’s busiest intersection, was so over the top and visually dominating it really made an impression as to the power of the billboard medium. Looking back it was one of the significant influences which inspired me to later join the industry.”

Consider this. When one is the salesperson who works with someone like Angelyne, thereby enabling her to obtain her goal as ‘famous’ or an OOH Icon, does that make the salesperson an Iconic Class OOH Icon Maker?  We think so.

OOH is at times a very small world where we make others large. If you have an Angelyne story please share it.  BillBoard@OOHToday.com




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  1. Jason Swing says

    I have been working with Angelyne for the past 5 years and currently still working with her. She is awesome!
    Plus I’m in her personal documentary that she is working on.

  2. No Fear No Favor says

    Jason Swing, we have a star among us? Very cool you are still working with her. Look forward to seeing you in the documentary and your work! thank you for sharing

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