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LA’s Billboard Queen

Angelyne —The Peacock Series —1 Minute Video

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LA’s Billboard Queen

The dialogue she shares as to ‘why billboards?’ is classic OOH Sales 101 from
“no one else has ever done it” to “teaser”.

NBC’s new streaming service Peacock released the first trailer for its mini-series Angelyne.

The show is about a woman who is arguable the first to promote herself via billboards back in the 80’s. Back in the day, she never revealed her true identity while on the other hand, did not leave much to the imagination which was created for outdoor advertising.  Angelyne bought a self-promoting billboard campaign in February 1984. Gotta love the billboard salesman as he is depicted in the trailer.

The dialogue she shares as to ‘why billboards?’ is classic OOH Sales 101 from “no one else has ever done it” to “teaser”.

If you are in OOH, it has to be a must watch series. Check out the 1 minute Angelyne trailer below.





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