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Covid Positive?

If Covid-19 is our funeral, who are you?

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Covid Positive?



by Robert Arnold
President, Associated Posters, Inc.


Riding into work this morning, my 6 year old son yells from the back seat “DADDY, there’s one of your Covid 19 signs. They are EVERYWHERE.” Since the school closing, he has been coming to work with me a day or two out of the week so my wife can regain her sanity. He has “helped” in shipping and is well aware of our Thank You Covid Warriors campaign. It started with 1 yard sign and 1 billboard and has grown to 130 billboards and 1,687 yard signs stretching out into 38 states. We have been featured on two of the three local news stations and everyday our inbox is full of new orders and comments on how people have payed it forward. That’s right, pay it forward!! We are not charging for the signs or the billboards. We are asking the end user to pay it forward by donating, volunteering or even something as simple as buying an essential worker lunch. I never thought it would get this big. But the biggest thing is, I never thought I would feel like I am alone.

I reached out to my suppliers and asked if they could help by donating materials or reducing the cost. I contacted other local printers and asked for help with the volume. Maybe UPS would be eager to jump on board? Nope! They all have the same answer. Great idea but are you crazy? Our numbers are down by 30, 40, 50% and we just can’t. Unless you are Amazon, a grocery store or a toilet paper tycoon, everyone’s numbers are down. Why does that stop us? The answer may be simple. Talking with one of my customers the other day, he stated the fact that emotions play a huge role in the economy. The economy can be moved by perception. If you feel good, you spend money. You feel bad, you hold on to money. So why not encouraging our customers to feel good? Sometimes that means breaking out of the norm and spending when others are saving. Think about your customers and their perception of you.

Picture Covid-19 as a funeral. At a funeral there are three types of people. The “what can I do” who are looking out for others, cooking, cleaning, being a shoulder to cry on. The “what about me” focused on their own self-interests seeing what they can get or arguing over what was left to them or others. And last are the “wall flowers” who are hiding in a corner just waiting for it to all pass. If Covid-19 is our funeral, who are you?

Out of home can’t cure the disease but we can help change the perception. Use your powers for good but do something different. Find your own way to spin the perception to a positive. It can be as simple as a roll of toilet paper in the mail with an uplifting message (yea, we are doing that as well) or as elaborate as a nationwide campaign saying thank you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big impact but if you are a wall flower and holding back, then stop. If you get off the wall then your customer will as well. If you want to join in with us on our Thank You Covid message, email me or give me a call and I will be happy to share.



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