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We Know Who is Buying OOH

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Here is a post of Sales Ideas from Vincent J. PannuttiGeneral Manager at Camel City Poster.

The category, Auto Dealers.  Sharing the Wall Street Journal report on auto sales, which includes multiple insights to the top 20 car brands, including Sales and Share of Total Market by Manufacturer.  This is knowledge you will want to have with you when meeting or setting up a meeting.  Understanding and background of  your client’s business will help you to the next level. 

Thanks to Vinny for sharing.


Camel City Poster Productions

Automotive Sales Numbers From February

Knowledge is Power and knowing more about your client or potential client is huge when walking into a meeting.  This is when Knowledge becomes Ammo in the Sales world.

Most Outdoor companies have good relationships with your Auto Dealers, but do you know if their sales have been going well?  Do you know what they need to push?

The Wall Street Journal recently published their Auto Sales chart for February 2018.
See the Link below.

Auto Sales – Markets Data Center – WSJ.com

Plan on stopping by a dealership to get their business?  Read up on which Brands have been successful recently.  Be knowledgeable about their product and it may help you close the deal!

Good Luck and Good Selling!


Vincent J. Pannutti
General Manager
Camel City Poster Productions
Office: 1-800-828-3226
Mobile: (336) 692-4275


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