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Walk this Way

Here’s One Thing

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1923, Looking north. Note the photo clearly shows why this area is known as the bow tie.

OOH…Here’s One Thing

by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company

My friend Bill Board, was kind enough to invite me to write a periodic #OOH column.  Since I am a man of few words, I promise to keep my riffs short and focused on one thing.


Pepsi taking on Times Square and Coke with 3D


Walk this Way (Aerosmith)

Suspend the Monday morning pressures for just a minute and take a walk with me as we time travel through the ages in Times Square, New York.  Some people don’t realize that Times Square wasn’t always Times Square.  It was only renamed that from Long Acre Square back at the turn of the 19th century when the younger upstart newspaper in town, the New York Times decided to up-do it’s more established rival, the New York Herald, which had its headquarters just down the street in Herald Square.  Yes, Herald Square still exists although it’s now a distant second to Times Square, and the New York Times ended up cleaning The New York Herald’s clock.  After several mergers, the New York Herald Tribune shuttering in 1966.

In any event, if you love billboard history as much as me, I think you will enjoy this walk.  It’s a great little keyhole into billboards, advertising and American culture in general.

“TSQ, You’ve Come A Long Way Baby!”

A photo and narrative history of #OOH’s infamous Times Square, click here⇒ https://jfco.box.com/v/walk-this-way


Jim Johnsen


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  1. Vince says

    Great post! Times Square has an exciting history. The next evolution is slated for June 2019, when we introduce a redesigned spectacular on the famous One Times Square Tower.

  2. Bill Board says

    If you’re in OOH you love Times Square. Vince, your redesign to One Times Square Tower sounds like a monumental addition to the Times Square landscape. We look forward to the completion in June. Thank you.

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