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Watch Verizon Wireless ‘Visible’ Video of Complete Bus Shelter Takeover

A camp site, bath tub, ski lift, movie theater, and stadium!

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Verizon’s ‘Visible’ cellular service stops in bus shelters
with complete structure take over.


Verizon Wireless promoting their new cell service, Visible. Visible is an app based phone plan touting unparalleled network coverage. To promote the brand and coverage, 5 shelters were built-out in West Hollywood.

Great execution, completely immersing their audience in those hard to reach service areas; a camp site, bath tub, ski lift, movie theater, and stadium!  88 second video shows the construction of the #OOH sites.






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  1. Stacy Colson says

    I think I know the really cool company built those! 🙂 Atomic Props!

  2. Bill Board says

    Stacy Colson, props to Atomic Props! Thank you for sharing! The extended customization to the campaign is outstanding. Congrats! Excellent work as always!

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