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Vodka, Tacos and Brownies On-Demand. Oh My!

When You Want to Ironically Toast the Country that Secretly Controls Ours

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Postmates ≡ smart, funny, culturally relevant and open to risk

Postmates is an on-demand delivery company, whose slogan is, ‘anything, anywhere, anytime, on-demand,.’  They ‘get it’  whether groceries, drinks, or specific cuisines.

The agency, 180LA, was briefed to generate awareness in its largest market, Los Angeles or as we like to affectionately call, The City of Billboards.  180LA developed over 50 custom executions considering in planning the combination of specific media placements, data, and the service Postmates provides.

We have shared a few Bulletins.  The copy, though on the lengthy side, married well with its surroundings, with Vodka  near a liquor store, Tacos near Chipotle Restaurant.  And house favorite, Brownies.

Another data-driven campaign using the client data to execute both creative and media placement. One wonders what software 180LA used to fuse the client data with OOH providers locations and data for an optimal buy?  From appearances of the few photos we have seen, they selected well.

Learn more about the campaign⇒ Communication Arts

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  1. Jfarmer says

    I soooo love smart billboards

  2. Bill Board says

    Well JFarmer we think it takes a smart person to love a smart billboard. And we love you for your loyal readership and thoughtful comments to our blog. Thank you. Bill

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