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Vector Media Acquires Direct Media Now 50 Market Coverage

Vector has come a long way from Double Decker Buses.

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Vector Media has been in business for 20 years. One of Vector’s early specializations was the Double Decker (DD) Bus. I recall at the time, it seemed like a foolish offering.  With all the traditional media and non traditional media choices already available in the market place, who would buy a Double Decker Bus?  Boy was I wrong.  Seems everyone did and does. And now when one thinks of Double Decker Bus its more likely than not, a Vector Bus or assumed any DD Bus is Vector’s. 

The DD buses are part of the media company’s large-format transit advertising. Yesterday’s announcement of the Direct Media acquisition, also one of the nation’s largest municipal transit advertising companies, had been coming for sometime. The value of the deal was an undisclosed amount.  If you were a careful reader of OOH Today, we announced it on two different occasions in November.

Spire Capital, a private equity firm invested in Vector Media, November 30, 2016 at which time CEO and Founder William Schwartz was no longer listed as CEO but is present still as founder for Vector.  The company is projecting an increase in revenues by 35 to 40%.

Vector management said, “the two companies share many of the same cultural values”.  That is very interesting comment. It is our experience, there are few cultures in our OOH Industry with the kind of imagination and human manifestations so collectively close to be considered  ‘one’  and as remarkable as the Vector sales team has been the last 20 years.  Former CEO and still founder, Bill Schwartz, is a unique character with a great blend of humor and dedication.  A leader with vision and determination.

The sales team, is led by 20 year OOH veteran, Chief Revenue Officer, Gary Greenstein. Gary has been with Vector for over 18 years and is one of the most loved people in the Industry. Greenstein possesses a unique blend of intelligence, talent and fun-loving approach, creating strong personal relationships and genuine client intimacy.

Chief Revenue Officer, Gary Greenstein… has been with Vector for over 18 years and is one of the most loved people in the Industry.

Combined, the company will manage transit media in 50 markets, with 27 of the 35 largest U.S. designated marketing areas (DMAs) such as Charlotte, Baltimore, Orlando, St Louis, Milwaukee, Fort Lauderdale, Providence, and Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Vector with a current pre-total of over 25,000 faces will acquire 12 offices and markets — nearly doubling the number of employees — and adding to current inventory an additional 4,500 vehicles and 2,300 transit shelter panels.

Vector has come a long way from Double Decker Buses.

Vector Media buys Direct Media, ⇐Read about it here.

Vector has come a long way from Double Decker Buses

Direct Media Bus
Vegas shelter

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