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Raising/Funding Dollars for Outdoor Advertising

Tweeting for Billboard Dollars

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Twitter shared the a unique billboard related story.  I can not tell you exactly why it showed up on my Twitter account or how. If it came in via Moments or Notifications.  It was just there.

The account, @funder is owned by Scott Dworkin, Co-Founder and on MSNBC as a Contributor.  Now before you go all ‘Democrat hater’ or ‘Republican beater’ on me, my post is not about politics.  At least I hope not.

This post is about a process for you as an agency or an Outdoor Advertising sales person/Operator, to create your own sale and funding for the buy through a ‘tweetfest’.

Yep, ‘Tweetfest’. You heard it here first. Ok, heard it repeated here first.  And if you heard it before, please let me know when and how.  A certain amount of skill is required via social media, to raise the dough. It can be done, rather easily.  AND you own it.

Back to the Dworkin Tweet.  See below.  Dworkin and the Democratic Coalition are encouraging followers to donate dollars to a designated fund to purchase a billboard outside the offices in the California 22nd District to unseat Republican, Devin Nunes.  Ok, I am not encouraging you to unseat a specific political party.  I am suggesting adopting a proactive process of raising money to fund a billboard or Out of Home (OOH) sale.  It could be political or it could be some other cause, it is not that difficult. Read the details of the explanation below in Dworkin’s own words or Tweet. Develop prospects researching political races and causes in your community, scope out the OOH units which may be best for that prospect and well, you know the rest.  Sell it.  Of course, at rate card and get the dough up front.

Its spec art

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