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Trump OOH Skin Destroyed in Wilmington

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Trump OOH Skin Destroyed in Wilmington

The photo above shows what happens in Wilmington, NC if you put up a Trump message.  Grey Outdoor shared this photo.  Grey Outdoor has been receiving harassing phone calls consistently over the creative since they hit the street.  Grey has been level headed and responded the ad isn’t racist and/or blatantly hateful, therefore his clients have the right to put up the message.


A message from DPAA Summit 2020


Camel City Posters is providing a free vinyl to place back on the street. Looks like the vandals did some stringer damage as well. When returning to the billboard, consider putting some Formetco steel stringers in to replace the wooden ones and those bad actors will have less success in damaging the structure. Not much can be done if they are elect to continue to slice up the vinyl face.


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  1. Nick Coston says

    Don’t use controversial copy on low riding boards. Hey, at least the lights worked.

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