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Trump Billboard Truck in Washington, D.C.

Putin Credited with Trump Election

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DC Mobile Ads/Look Mobile Billboards

Putin Credited with Trump Election

A sharable message and geographic flexibility makes a successful #OOH mobile billboard campaign!

DC Mobile Ads/Look Mobile Billboards did a recent political campaign in Washington, D.C. The objective was simple: spread the political message to the city around high visibility places. The target locations included the monuments/museums where tourists flock, the government buildings that employ thousands of federal workers/elected officials and the downtown CBD during lunch hour.

The message featured a cartoon image and somewhat good-humored quirky ad copy. As typical with a humorous ad, the billboard was photographed hundreds of times by passerby. It’s definitely an extra when your audience shares your message on social media and increase your reach.

Unexpected crowd of reporters at the US Federal Courthouse who were covering the sentencing of Paul Manafort.

What we did not plan for was a huge crowd of reporters at the US Federal Courthouse who were covering the sentencing of Trump associate Paul Manafort. The many satellite trucks and cameramen who spotted us, let the driver know an important event was taking place. It became an easy decision to make to “slow roll” this event  and borrow some of the attention, especially as the reporters waiting patiently were given an easy opportunity to provide impactful video “B Roll” for their news features.

Among the results was the appearance of the client billboard truck on CNN News

Among the results was the appearance of the client billboard truck on CNN News. Earned media message at its best.


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  1. Thomas R Giesken says

    What a bunch of crap! Poor usage of OOH. Sure it gets the person’s message across but what does it do to our country??? Defame and abuse the highest office in the land. Where is the respect for this president.
    Also, next time you put words in God’s mouth you better know His Word. Read Romans 13. Trump is their because God put him there just like any other authority that is any office.

  2. Bill Board says

    Thank you Mr Giesken. Your comments moved us to look deeper into who financed the Mobile Truck. This group or individual has purchased OOH in other parts of the country as well, as we reported February 5, 2018. Here is the link to that story https://oohtoday.com/gods-word-coming-down-as-a-sign-from-above

    We found this site where the individuals’ responsible raised money via
    ‘gofundme’ campaign for the mobile billboard. https://www.gofundme.com/notgodspresident

  3. Chris Jones says

    this was amazing lol. I follow God on facebook and I only wish I had seen the billboard in person. So cool that you can rent ad space on a truck!

  4. Bill Board says

    Mr Jones OOH is amazing and cool. Glad you liked. Thank you for reading!

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