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Training the Photography Army for OOH

Out of Home advertising exists because people are there to view it

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Training the Photography Army for OOH

No good army goes untrained and nowhere is that more true than with photography. The
number of photos we all take has blown past exponential growth into a zenith speed completely
incomprehensible when it comes to the volume of photos currently taken. We are training
ourselves as photographers and constantly measuring our performance as we publish nearly
everyday on social media.

Photography has gone from being a hobby into an integral skill.

But that does not translate into getting good photos for you as a customer. Photography today
is a selfish endeavor; we take photos for ourselves and we enjoy sharing them. We are telling
our story with the photos we take. Therein lies the significance of a professional photo.

A commercial photographer is taking the photo to tell someone else’s story.

Not everyone is a good visual storyteller and the army FotoFetch is building is one that needs
nurturing, training and leadership. The old school way is to continue to hire photographers or
staffing them to get the photos you need, but you are fighting to win a battle as FotoFetch has
settled on winning the war.

FotoFetch trains photographers to tell your story. In doing so, we are changing the world of
commercial photography because today, right now, at this moment, there are more cameras in
the world than people. Congruent to that simple fact is this, we know one other certainty,

Out of Home advertising exists because people are there to view it.

FotoFetch is enlisting the people who are in front of your media to use their cell phones, their
DSLRs, their drones, basically whatever it takes to get the shot you need exactly when you need
it. This is intrinsically a communication challenge, not a skill or equipment one. Training people
to take a good approach shot or how to shoot a digital board is the necessary link to our success
with the OOH industry.

FotoFetch represents the enterprise solution to your need for photos.

FotoFetch is your army because we are everywhere. We transcend urban areas. We are
suburban, we are rural and we use all resources, not just some in the photography industry but
everyone who can help us achieve our goals and yours. We link communication, speed and
ease into one package that is redefining an industry.

Better photos make for happy loyal customers and that is the point of your business isn’t it, to have an army of happy, loyal customers.

About FotoFetch
FotoFetch, a Nevada Corporation is combining technology and evolving commercial
photography solutions into an on-demand photography source for anywhere in the world.


Gary Bamesberger is a Co-Founder of FotoFetch






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