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Daniel Wilkins’ ‘We Deserve Better’ —follow up

Do We Deserve Better?

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Do We Deserve Better? 


Our email, voice and text have been burning up since Daniel Wilkins‘ post—  We Deserve Better
open letter to the OOH industry’, appeared Tuesday, June 8. 



Here are a few comments which are representative of the many calls and conversations we have been listening to since the appearance of the story.

There are more comments to share regarding Daniel Wilkin’s post. Most of them via our LinkedIn page here ⇒linkedin.com/in/oohdoctor

We encourage you to share in our ‘Leave a Reply’ section at the bottom of this page. Note you may be anonymous in your comments and identity. 

Comments below

T.C OOH Owner
“Who are the members of Geopath’s Executive Committee?
It sounds to me like one of my Dad’s favorite expressions. ‘The fox is guarding the hen house!’ Daniel Wilkins nailed it!” 


T.G. OOH Owner
“Well said Daniel.”  


E.C. from the Agency side and Industry recognized OOH Measurement Expert had a great deal to say about the subject matter as E. has been training and teaching media to the OOH Industry, specifically to OOH Owners, at the behest of the OOH Associations, for over 15 years. When the Owners need an expert they call on E.C. I have sat in a number of the sessions myself.  EC knows OOH currency and measurement as well as anyone and better than most in the out of home Industry.

“Daniel…I could not agree more with your viewpoint. This unilateral decision on OAAA’s part is very concerning and in my opinion takes us backwards as an industry. Yes there is a large issue in the way it has been handled and that alone should be raising alarm bells across OOH planners/buyers and our clients. But we can’t skirt the issue that OTS is a less rigorous and inflated “currency” As clients continue to demand more precise measurement, this drive back to OTS makes no sense. Yes we need more detailed impressions that account for changes in mobility patterns but OTS doesn’t do that. It just creates higher impressions counts that clients will once again discount and question. Reach/Frequency models will not make any sense and the benefit for MMM/MTA is questionable. How can almost double the impression show effectiveness? It will, in fact, do the opposite.

I have spent 15+ years training and teaching media concepts working with Geopath AND the OAAA. To your point, there was a consensus, a partnering to move our industry forward. This latest development is not only a misstep but it greatly disparages the work previously done to bring OOH measurement into the present and ultimately into the future.”


Media Expert, T.J. who has been very active in responding to the latest OAAA Measurement Guidelines, shared these comments

Finally a media agency Founder willing to speak out. The silence from agencies and advertisers regarding OAAA’s recent moves and their handling has been deafening. Time you were on the GeoPath Board. Maybe AGENCY672 can help save OOH from itself?

As a reminder, my technical assessment of the OAAA Guidelines devaluing OOH’s currency as reported in OOH Today and Media Post was, “… atrociously written, muddled, and flawed document generally ignores the Advertising Research Foundation’s long-established “Media Model,” as well as ESOMAR’s Global Guidelines. It includes various new bizarre terms, such as “viewshed!” Are you kidding me? This construct is known and established as “Viewability Zone.”

And while I love your tongue in cheek “OTC” for “Opportunities-to-See” it is usually is referred to as OTS of course.”


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  1. DigitalDude says

    I can’t help but look at the other mediums metrics and think, wow, OAAA really shot OOH in the foot with this move. I reread Anna’s bio [“In her more than eight years at IAB, Anna led all digital, mobile, video, programmatic, measurement, and data initiatives, representing members such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Disney.”], and help but wonder, is this move and title of CEO OAAA just a springboard for her next gig?

    Call me skeptical but sure seems like she’s not interested in OOH but will to destroy it to make other measurements look good. Can’t help but wonder what her next move personally and professionally will be?

  2. Daniel Wilkins says

    I do want to be clear that my critique is with the way the annoucement was handled and the poor communication around it. I do think we should give the OAAA an opportunity to respond and clarify their recommendation. I don’t think any of us disagree that any changes to our metrics that move us in the right direction are a good thing. I don’t want my comments this week to be taken as an indictment of the substance of the guidelines – which I made clear in the open letter that I am waiting for more information on. I urge everyone to allow the OAAA to respond, clarify, and then encourage us to have an open dialogue on the substance of the clarification.

  3. DigitalDude, I don’t normally approve this type of post by allowing it to reach the OOH Today readers.
    This really borderlines a personal attack and we work to prevent such speech particularly if it is unwarranted.
    Directly addressing your concerns, I do not see any evidence of your suspicion or skepticism. I thought I was a conspiracy theorist.
    DDude I think you have taken it to a new level of dubitation which might just cause this entire post to be removed.
    I don’t believe in Loch Ness, Big Foot or poison chemtrails.

  4. Daniel Wilkins thank you for restating your concerns and beliefs. We appreciate your written submission Tuesday and also look forward to responses and open dialogue by the rest of the OOH community. Particularly the Agency/Advertiser side of the community.

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