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Jodi Senese — There is No Close Second Place —Daily Affirmation for Other OOH Providers

A deal breaker to the prospects you never meet

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there is no close second place


‘There is No Close Second Place’



by Brent Baer, Publisher OOH Today



‘OUTFRONT Studios was nominated for 26 Obies, …there is no close second place.’

The above is a quote from Jodi Senese, CMO for OUTFRONT Media. Read here ⇒ Creative Wins!
That is also a throw down statement challenging the other OOH Providers if there ever was a summons, to step up. Anyone feeling the sand kicked up in there face or has everyone been away from the beach too long?  Let’s face it, Jodi has an impregnable point; 26 OBIE Awards. Oh and did we say she said, “there is no close second place?” I guess we did. More sand in your face. What is everyone else in OOH doing?  Anyone taking exception to the statement? 

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Before continuing on; to those ‘Squeaky Dozen’, who are forever whining about being nice or a hater, because that’s your answer for your ineptness, send us a photo of your awards’ shelf. Or evidence of even a single award. While an award does not make you as a person, facing reality, getting off your butts, stopping the delusional aspirations ‘if only people were more positive’ and getting on the street and sell OOH verses lamenting about how you would like the world to sing in perfect harmony, would do a lot more for you and OOH. I digress.

OUTFRONT via their OUTFRONT Studios has made a commitment as a company and to the Industry in hiring superior creative talent and providing extensive training in striving for excellence in creative. Excellence like experience, is a word tossed around pretty tattily.  Outfront’s creation of ‘Studios’ places hefty resources to back it up. It bears repeating, as Jodi Sense says, “there is not a close second place.”

So what is the rest of the Industry doing?   

We commend Intersection for their recent announcement to their new initiative Creative Labs, in case you missed it click here ⇒ Intersection Launches ‘Creative Labs’.

Too often we hear focus on programmatic, robust data, stronger measurement, Covid, economy, traffic, more leads, better leads; we have heard all the reasons why OOH could be or should be doing better than what it is, but at the end of the day, a great deal of what will define success for our Out of Home Industry is superior creative. Focus on creative and maintain the commitment. We’ll stay tuned in Intersection. 

Good, just isn’t good enough. Bad creative is unacceptable and you better believe a deal breaker to the accounts and prospects you never get to meet. If that prospect or non OOH user brand, sees a billboard or other OOH execution on the street which is an abysmal design, it comes down to the classic rule of the worst complaint any business can ever encounter; that complaint is? It’s the one you never hear. Out of home is as affected by this rule as any business there is. The complaint you never hear and you can’t do a damn thing about it. Show me a sale person who loves conflict and objections and I will show you success. Give that some thought and put it in your daily affirmations to improve your mindset and YOUR SALES! Catch Mike and Al in the SNL video below.  For me, I am happy with ‘There is No Close Second Place.’  Well said Jodi Senese. Thank you.


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