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Take the Survey—Asset Management & Maintenance in Out-of-Home Advertising

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Asset Management and Maintenance Practices

Take the survey



by Tim Byrne
Director, Strategic Development, LLP Group



Outdoor Advertising is an asset and labor-intensive business. From the physical structures used for traditional billboards and posters, to airport, mall, transit, street furniture, and place-based locations—assets are everywhere.

The OAAA estimates that in 2020 there were more than 3.2 million out-of-home displays available to deliver advertiser’s messages to consumers during the time they spend away from their homes. Whether your physical inventory includes only static bulletins, or a mix of the mediums mentioned, maintaining those assets in good working order is crucial so they are available for agencies and advertisers to generate revenue for your business.

Here’s a link to the survey, click ⇒ here to be taken directly to the survey

Just as the industry has evolved with the introduction of digital displays and the use of software to manage open inventory and ad placement, the tools needed to track, install, manage, and maintain the physical structures should evolve as well. While most tasks performed by maintenance teams don’t generate revenue, inefficient use of crews and materials, and a lack of visibility to your assets can have a negative impact on the bottom line. So too can unmonitored energy costs that are part and parcel of digital displays and the illumination of static displays. Being able to analyze and control operational expenses during times when advertising revenue has been adversely impacted is a key part of survival and preparedness for better days.

Whether you maintain 50 structures or 5,000, or you’re using your own fleet of vehicles and crews to install creative or relying on third-party contractors to fulfill work orders and service your structures, OOH operators of all sizes face similar operational challenges while running a profitable out-of-home advertising business.

We’ve developed a survey to help better understand the current state when it comes to asset management and maintenance practices to be of better service to the industry. Your participation in the survey is completely voluntary and your can do so anonymously. However, if you’ll have a chance to enter a drawing for a $100 Visa Gift Card at the end of the survey and for that we’ll need some contact information.

Here’s a link to the survey, click ⇒ here to be taken directly to the survey. We look forward to sharing the results with you.

Want to learn more about how asset management software can help you achieve operational excellence?

For more information about LLP Group and our commitment to working with OOH providers, please feel free to reach out to us at contact@llpgroup.com, or connect with me directly on LinkedIn

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