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Meadow Outdoor —OOH Owner Today

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OOH Owner Today — Meadow Outdoor



by Will Farmer
Media and Communications Manager, OOH Today



Meadow Outdoor is a service minded company with an emphasis on responsiveness. Their goal is to call you back within an hour of contact. Their sales representatives are also in the field and available to meet with you personally to talk about your outdoor advertising options. Their sales reps live and travel frequently in their territories so they can advise you on the people, markets, tastes, and traffic patterns in your market area. To simplify communication, their reps are the single point of contact for a customer during the life of their advertising campaign.

Meadow is family owned and conscientious, giving back in the communities where they operate to support local functions and charities with donated advertising space. Meadow is also growing by buying, building and improving billboard locations for their customers to offer you great outdoor advertising opportunities.



We spoke to Chris Zukin, GM at Meadow Outdoor. He has been with the company for the past 40 years. Here’s what he had to say:

Interview with Chris Zukin, GM of Meadow Outdoor

Chris Zukin

Will Farmer: Why are you in the OOH business?

Chris Zukin: I love this business and truly enjoy coming to work every day and working with our Meadow “family” of employees. As you know, outdoor advertising is a great business. It is different every day. On any given day we are working on construction projects, legal matters, negotiating real estate deals, lobbying at the State Capitol, and most importantly designing and installing messages that promote other businesses and organizations.


WF: What is the greatest success or satisfaction you receive from owning OOH?

CZ: Out of Home is solidly home grown and has been part of Americana for over 100 years. It represents one of the most basic rights that we have as Americans: Freedom of Speech. Only in free countries can an individual or company put up a sign for everyone to see with a political, commercial, religious or personal message. It is satisfying and empowering to know we are a strong proponent of that in our great society. 

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WF: What are some of your goals for 2021?

CZ: We plan to continue to grow our business in 2021 which includes increasing gross billing and building new static and digital units. We will launch a new website and look forward to more face-to-face meetings.

GM Chris Zukin and GSM Brad Parsons leading a Zoom meeting


WF: How do you obtain new business?

CZ: Billboard Advertising is an outside selling business. We obtain new business by calling on customers and prospects. We have a seasoned and active sales team that makes it happen.





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