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The Weinbach Group –OOH Agency Today

Orchestrating a Symphony of Creativity Since 1987

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The Weinbach Group– OOH Agency Today 

Orchestrating a Symphony of Creativity
Since 1987




by Will Farmer
Media and Communications Manager, OOH Today



The Weinbach Group utilizes a unique approach to meeting their client’s objectives; they call it “integrated marketing.” The firm began as a public relations firm, but over time, they realized that publicity – in isolation from other forms of marketing communications – limited the client in achieving its overall goals. Therefore, they began to incorporate other forms of marketing (advertising, direct mail, collateral materials, etc.) depending upon the client’s needs.

They found that utilizing a tailored mix of marketing elements benefited their clients by allowing them to more rapidly meet their goals. In addition, their integrated approach intensifies the effectiveness of each separate element. In other words, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

We spoke to Meieli Sawyer, communications specialist at The Weinbach Group. She expanded upon what sets her company apart from others, as well as an OOH campaign with the country’s largest public health system. Here’s what she had to say:


Interview with Meieli Sawyer,
Communications Specialist at The Weinbach Group Inc.



Will Farmer: How long has The Weinbach Group been in operation? Please share specifics on Staffing? Size? Specialties? Billing? Regional Offices?







F: What would you like brands and the OOH Industry to know about your shop?

Meieli Sawyer: The Weinbach Group has:

  • Decades-long experience and a national reputation as award-winning marketers that utilize an integrated media approach, including different types of out-of-home advertising.
  • An award-winning creative team that develops powerful culturally and ethnically sensitive messages that elicit response from diverse audiences (and win national awards).
  • Market-specific knowledge, including specific experience reaching audiences in scores of markets across the nation.

WF: Do you work with clients directly and/or through agencies? 

MS: The Weinbach Group works directly with clients.

WF: Any comments or suggestions for OOH reps in approaching or working with your company?


MS: We work mostly with healthcare organizations, and healthcare – more than most businesses – is local in its reach. With this in mind, we appreciate when reps recognize the need for our OOH advertising to be close to our clients’ locations. It saves time and energy when options are super-targeted to the geographies where we want to be.


WF: What is your most memorable new business pitch?

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MS: The Weinbach team has been fortunate to meet many reps over the years, many of whom have evolved their pitch strategy to provide targeted recommendations even during the initial “get to know you” meeting. Nothing, however, is as memorable as those well-executed (tiny) billboard samples created by outdoor advertising companies to represent potential placement and reach. They stick around the office, are great conversation-starters, and are a great branding mechanism for outdoor advertising reps.

WF: What differentiates your business from others?

MS: The Weinbach Group stands apart for its innovation and longevity. We have operated continuously for more than 30 years and have grown to become one of the most well-respected healthcare-focused marketing agencies in the nation. Media partners respect our expertise, our straightforward approach, our integrity, and the quality of the creative we deliver for their inventory.

WF: How do you obtain new business?

MS: With a three-decade-plus history, The Weinbach Group regularly receives inquiries from potential clients who learn about our outstanding reputation – usually online. We contribute content to media that covers our industry, and that kind of thought leadership has resulted in inquiries from Fortune 500 companies to startups. In addition, the agency regularly pitches new business through requests for proposals, or RFPs, and other competitive bids.


Daniel Weinbach

WF: Please share new business contact information.

MS: Potential new business inquiries are invited to contact The Weinbach Group’s president and CEO, Daniel Weinbach, at dweinbach@weinbachgroup.com.




WF: Share OOH campaigns by your shop.

MS: One notable outdoor campaign was created for Jackson Health System, the largest public health system in the nation. The campaign focused on Jackson’s new maternity offerings. To get the word out, The Weinbach Group created an integrated campaign with special emphasis on out-of-home advertising.

We produced attention-getting creative, including one ad that showed a newborn baby sleeping on a silver platter, held by a gloved butler’s hand, and a headline that read, “Luxury Delivered.” The startling image generated immediate buzz because it was such an unconventional approach to advertising maternity services. In fact, the campaign was so unique, it attracted feature coverage in Healthcare Marketing Report and Strategic Health Care Marketing, and it won a gold award in the Healthcare Advertising Awards.

For more information about The Weinbach Group’s case studies, please visit Weinbachgroup.com/case-studies.





Miami, FL

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