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The TOP 10 OOH Operators

The Big 3 and The Little Known 3?

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The TOP 10 OOH Network Operators

Recalling the recent release by PMD being the 5th largest OOH network, my curiosity got the best of me thinking about the PMD boast and who else might be a sleeper sized network.  We all know who the BIG 3 are.  Who are the other OOH companies, including the ‘Little Known 3’ not previously on our radar?  We felt compelled to conduct a search. We started browsing around the Geopath Insights suite for answers in search of the top OOH operators by spot count.  Or as I like to say, the top OOH companies by inventory. From our search, this list of top 10 evolved.  These operators currently have the most Geopath-audited & measured ad opportunities in the industry.

The TOP 10 OOH operators by ‘spot count‘ are:

1. Lamar
2. Outfront
3. Clear Channel
4. Intersection
5. PMD
6. Atmosphere/Chive
7. JCDecaux
8. InSite Street Media
9. Adams
10. Reagan

a message from Wrapify

We emphasis ‘currently’, because the list will undoubtedly change as Geopath onboards more networks. For example, the big operators’ airport inventory is not listed on Geopath, yet. Additionally, we noted there are many large place-based networks which are not audited and therefore missing from the Geopath data as well, which if they are audited and similar to airport networks, will change the rankings of the Top 10 list above.  So if and when, that ever does happen, we’ll revise the list.

Thanks to Thomas R. Giesken of Giesken Outdoor Advertising for requesting a TOP 10 list and supporting OOH Today.

Contact Geopath at geekOUT@geopath.org to discover your own data and insights.  



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  1. Jon D. Freeman, MBA says

    I just began as Head of Sales for Ubermedia. We have the most extensive global set of mobile data of GPS/buyer behavior/census set (1 Billion world-wide device locations daily, over the last five years) tracking contextualized with census data to dissect the buyer journey.

    Was thinking of the biggest pains when trying to maximize revenue capture from leasing to new clients and thought that “foot traffic” or drive-by statistics over time converged with census data, frequent logos shopped, shopping preferences, and evening home locations might offer some insights to buyers not normally considered but valuable when considering the target audiences.

    Thought I’d drop a line to create some awareness. Maybe we could offer your wonderful site some content related to some specific areas you’d like to hear about (e.g., times square or another popular spot – might even look at comparing them).



  2. Stewart Layton says

    What an excellent testimony to the direction that Geopath data is bringing to the rapidly evolving OOH party!..evidenced by the 3 quiet giants (Intersection, PMD and Atmosphere / Chive) performance illustrated via reporting placing them among the traditional OOH “monolith’s” … non traditional, place based and city /consumer / client centric all of them! Really inspirational report from OOH Today supporting performance based / analytics oriented OOH…

  3. Bill Board says

    Stewart Layton, ‘Quiet Giants’ interesting label. Thank you for the comments and support.
    Geopath has so many effective tools and information. Membership alone is worth the weight in gold.
    Thank you

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