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For OOH Sales People Only


Cohoot is the anonymous forum for media salespeople. Thousands of sellers gather on Cohoot’s dedicated OOH channel to share inside info about advertisers and agencies.

Let’s jump in and discover the hottest topics from the week here …


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Backroom Deal On Display in L.A. Billboard Controversy
This can’t be good for business. The L.A. Times ran an article about a political candidate who paved the way for a developer to get  big electronic billboards. Then $75,000 poured in for his reelection. Check the thread for more details and what the neighbors thought of the billboards. Hint: they were less than  ecstatic. Full Thread Here>>>

What Do You Know About ON?
Thoughts on working with Outdoor Nation? Any intel? Full Thread Here>>>

BoardActive and Geofencing
What is the deal with BoardActive? I see them all over LinkedIn claiming they own Mobile Advertising (geofencing & retargeting). I know that has been around for at least 10 years prior to them showing up on the scene. What do you know about the company? Full Thread Here>>>

Sales Strategy
Cohort @Nerve Ratings asks how everyone handles media kits for assets. Is it one media kit for all assets, or multiple media kits if they are spread out throughout the country? Full Thread Here>>>

Ushering in Another Month
Nice message from Cohort @January Fan: Happy end of August to everyone. May September bring us all success, health, happiness, unity, and contracts … lots of contracts. Full Thread Here>>>

First Time in DOOH
Breaking into DOOH for the first time for interactive media. Is there a small company recommendation that is easy to get into? Full Thread Here>>>

Business Sense At a Young Age
What’s a project you did at a young age to make money? (SFW version) asks Cohort @Ticket Iceland. I remember around Christmas time, cutting mistletoe out of trees and selling it for $1 a bundle. I think I was 10. Full Thread Here>>>

Can You Help With This Question?
Does anyone know where the Circle K OOH account actually ended up? The rumor is that they were moving to MediaCom at the end of the month. Full Thread Here>>>

Like Peloton But For Lifting Weights
I saw a TV spot for Tonal (at-home workout w/subscription) and hadn’t heard of them. May be great for Q4, and they have a few storefronts. Anyone dealt with them? Curious if they have an agency. The company is based in San Francisco. Full Thread Here>>>

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