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The OOH Quote Today

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OOH Quote of the Day

The OOH Quote Today is selection of the best quote we heard or read today regarding the OOH Industry. And without pomp and circumstance, here it is.

Not only is it on a billboard, it’s on a billboard on the news, and now news that’s online. Beautiful cycle

Chris Sarvello’s quote for today’s The OOH Quote Today will be entered in the year’s end as a candidate as the best of 2021 The OOH Quote Today of the Year to be judged by OOH Today’s Board Room Members. Congrats Chris Sarvello.

Sarvello’s quote, is in response to the President Biden/Taliban billboard of which 15 bulletins appeared in Pennsylvania. We don’t care which side of the isle you sit, the quote serves as the ‘beautiful cycle’ as Sarvello states, in highlighting Out of Home’s impact and its importance in the world of all media. 

For the frame of reference which today’s OOH Quote Today winner was communicated, here is the link ⇒ Biden Taliban Billboards: $15,000 —Freedom of Speech: Priceless

Stellar Stuff Chris!  Thank you.

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