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OOH Moves Today

58 —Hires and Promotions

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OOH Moves Today
—Hires and Promotions
Employment and Promotions Continues Growth
—OOH people lead the way
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View Laura Robertson’s profile




View Brittanie Burke’s profile





View Wendy Lang’s profile
Message for Wrapify




View Marzia Finzi’s profile


Congrats to Marzi Finzi promoted to Business Manager-Enterprise at oOh!





View Kathleen Moore’s profile




View Haley Altus’ profile




Congrats to Tennille Burt who Joins QMS as New CMO




message for Movia Media


View Kirsten Atkinson’s profile




View Dana Sardina’s profile




View Ashley Hanes’ profile




View Emily Beth Almich’s profile




View Tara Naipaul’s profile


View Ashley Mohr’s profile




Congrats to Greg Redeker who is starting a new position as Sr. Real Estate Manager at Lamar Advertising Company.






Congrats to James Roehrl PROMOTED to new role on AV Sales with Daktronics




View Corey Boico’s profile



View Porin Dedic’s profile




View Daniel McClendon’s profile




View Zachary Caballero’s profile




View Michael Neel’s profile



View Todd Turner’s profile









View Suliman Ahmed’s profile











View Ashley Shipley’s profile


Congratulate Ashley Shipley for starting a new position as Executive Producer at Wondersauce



View Marcelle Downs’ profile




View Samantha Brinkman’s profile







View Derek Padilla-Ravega’s profile




View Gonathan J. Breedlove, MS’ profile




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View Vincent Provenzano’s profile


View Michael Saperstein’s profile






View Ted Rubin’s profile





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