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Biden Taliban Billboards: $15,000 —Freedom of Speech: Priceless

"Making the Taliban Great Again"—Real or Fake News?

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Anti Biden Billboards: $15,000 —Freedom of Speech: Priceless —Real or Fake News?

There is, allegedly, a great deal of anti Biden OOH Advertising going on around the country.  We are not too sure all of the reputed Billboards claimed to be running are really on the street. There are those sending personal emails to OOH Today asking if the reports of the number of anti Biden billboards are indeed legitimate. We have not seen any in the heart of democracy here in Washington, D.C.  But that does not mean they don’t exist. On the other side of the coin, if there are no photos and as Gino Sesto of DASH TWO says, “if they aren’t on social media, then they don’t exist.” There are very few photos on social media showing the reported huge numbers of anti Biden billboards. In Wendy’s Clara Peller parlance, ‘Where’s the Billboard?’

One we are confident exists and is actually happening, is this OOH buy in Pennsylvania. At a meager $15,000 for 30 boards at $500 a board; that’s a bargain.

(using OOH) This is like the Adult version of social media

This billboard campaign is without question legit. Former Republican Senator Scott Wagner has paid around $15,000 for a dozen billboards targeting US President Joe #Biden according to television news report. Check out the video from 27 News and then we strongly recommend reading further, the many great comments supporting Outdoor advertising.

We don’t care what your political leanings are, we do care that OOH is being utilized. Great examples for you to take to your local markets.

Watch the news video below.
TV 27 News is on it with the story.

“If you’ve driven along Interstate 83 in York County lately, chances are you’ve seen a giant billboard that features President Joe Biden in a military outfit along with the phrase “Making the Taliban Great Again.”  ABC 27 News.

Some of the comments left on the Youtube site are over the top supportive, placing light on OOH: Here are a few below⇓
Billboards: $15,000. Freedom of speech: priceless.

I love it. Not only is it on a billboard, it’s on a billboard on the news, and now news that’s online. Beautiful cycle.

It’s called “free press”. You know, the kind that does not take “suggestions” from bureaucracies such that “legacy” media does

The Khoi Tran
Whether or not you’re a fan of this you’ve gotta admit this is a total power move

Bob Hulsey
$15,000 to bypass the media echo chamber? Sounds like a good buy to me. He even used a good picture of Biden, just to be fair.

When Facebook & Twitter takes down your post: You go to the streets; You can’t stop people from expressing their opinions.

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