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The Glowing Green Grass of the OOH Side of the Fence

Global's Outdoor Buys Wind Up in Red

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Global’s Outdoor Buys Wind Up in Red
The Glowing Green Grass of the OOH Side of the Fence

Campaign reports that UK owned Global recorded a pre-tax loss of $25,500,000. Global claims it is a reflection of its take over of three Out of Home companies it acquired, Exterion Media, Outdoor Plus and Primesight. Global is a radio giant in that part of the world.

a message from Wrapify

Global decided to dive into #OOH in 2018. We said at the time and we reiterate again, expecting a partnership or synergy of the two media formats radio and #OOH, to produce a combined effect greater than the parts to any great success, has proven in most cases, to be unattainable.  Success did not happen for Gannett (now OUTFRONT) ( I was there for that trial) or Morris Communications and Fairway (Witnessed it back in the day) and clearly not for Clear Channel and iHeart, most recently.(you were there to see that one fall)

We’ll be keeping up on Global and return to you with updates. In the meantime, resolve this year to be the best at what you do and understanding the green grass of OOH is cared for by Outdoor experts.

Read the Campaign post here ⇒ Global’s outdoor buying spree results in £19.4m pre-tax loss




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