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The Billboard Egg Hunt

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The Billboard Egg Hunt

Billboard Egg Hunt Completion Certificate



As you may of heard, the Prime Minister of New Zealand dubbed The Easter Bunny as an essential worker. OUTFRONT Media thought they could lend a hand this Easter, with a fun (and safe) family activity… introducing The Billboard Egg Hunt.

Here’s the deal:

Tomorrow only (Sunday), all of the OUTFRONT Media digital billboards in your community and several other major cities across the country will feature different decorated eggs. Hop (literally) in the car with your kids (or just yourself!) for the great hunt. Attached are four bingo boards, find three eggs and YOU WIN (no need to get them in order)! Take a photo of a billboard, your game cards, or your family having fun and share it with OUTFRONT by tagging @outfrontmediausa and #BillboardEggHunt on Instagram.

Outfront will email you a customized official Billboard Egg Hunt Completion Certificate to present to your family!

Sending virtual OOH elbow bumps and bunny hops.



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  1. Carole says

    Hi Bill,

    I’m accustomed to “corporate” being tone deaf to the real life of the local OOH markets. My list of situations/events that corporations just “didn’t get” is endless. However, this Easter Egg Hunt by OUTFRONT Media might win the Grand Prize for being clueless in New York! This Hunt is in clear violation of many state’s Governors’ Stay at Home orders. And I’m sure it violates most states’ Shelter in Place mandates. WTHey are they thinking?

    PS And this is coming from NYC-the epicenter of the crisis. STAY THE AT HOME!

    Carole Jones

  2. Evan says

    OUTFRONT, are you offering to bail me out of jail and pay my legal fees too?!

    What bonehead thought this was a great idea to run around cities, that are on legal LOCKDOWN mind you, and risk spreading the virus or becoming infected? Happy Easter, here’s COVID-19.


    @outfrontmediausa #breakingthelawbreakingthelaw #BillboardEggHunt #Bevis&Bonehead

  3. Jay says

    No this doesn’t violate stay at home orders. You are allowed to go in your car. If you feel like whining, go to home depot, target, and the supermarkets and yell at the hundreds of people standing together waiting on line. Supermarkets I can excuse, but getting some mulch is not essential. Carole and Evan… Maybe you should stay off of the internet for a while since it seems you can’t handle others trying to be nice to children.

  4. Bob Repasky says

    Looks like fun, but probably illegal in Michigan as we are only to leave the house for food or doctors. Although you can still buy lottery tickets.

  5. Johann Dyer says

    @Evan. You are dumb. I like what outfront is doing to cheer up people during these tough times. My family and I did it in Arizona. No one pull off over. No fines no tickets. There are a lot of people at the stores buying things they don’t need to get out of the ir house. I bet you are one of them at Walmart, Target, Costco & Safeway. If your life sucks please don’t ruin others. Our 6 years old was happy since she has been in the house for almost one month.

  6. Evan says

    @Jay and @Johann, please come to New York and actually experience what this virus has caused in our state. People are dying, glad you have time for a joy ride today. Respect others are risking their lives to save others that don’t take this seriously.

  7. No Fear No Favor says

    Is anything legal in Michigan right now Bob Repasky? Seems as though Michigan has a heavy lockdown approach. Thank you for sharing.