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The Backup Plan

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Shot by FotoFetch

Lisa, my wife, is a big advocate of having a backup plan. My twenty-two-year-old twins are quizzed regularly. What if you can’t get into grad school? What if your roommate moves in with their girlfriend…having a backup plan for the what-ifs tends to lower anxiety and stress.

I sometimes wonder if Lisa gets on the backup “bandwagon” too much, but then again, think about it.  We are immersed in backup plans whether we realize it or not. Most vehicles come with a spare tire, airbags, and two sets of keys.  Life, home, car, and travel insurance is essentially a backup plan to protect you or your family from financial harm.  When we travel, there are seat belts and flotation cushions dangling oxygen masks. lifeboats, and emergency hatches. Musicals have understudies; football teams have backup quarterbacks. We keep umbrellas in the car’s back seat, blankets, and ice scrapers in our trunk. We buy extra rolls of toilet paper and propane tanks for our BBQ grills. The list of items could fill volumes in the library. There’s nothing wrong with being prepared and having a backup plan, and not being paralyzed with inaction if we aren’t. So we try to do our best.  

A backup plan is essential for those of us who need to produce photos for our OOH customers.  A plan to take photos gets delayed or changed, and photographers get sick, go on vacation, or just quit. FotoFetch has thousands of photographers of all skill levels who know OOH and the contextual elements of traffic and pedestrians to highlight a great photo.

We back up our phones and computers without a thought.  Perhaps it’s time to add FotoFetch to your backup plans.  Making sure your clients get their photos promptly is just as important for survival as it is for your growth.







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