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Inwindow Paint —new medium that merges eye-level retail with bespoke, branded murals

Inwindow Paint Launch

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Inwindow Paint is a new medium that merges eye-level retail with bespoke, branded murals launched by Inwindow – a multi award-winning company that invented the concept of using storefronts as a large-format out of home medium. Inwindow Paint focuses on going beyond the flat wall and utilizes all of a location’s specific features to create a dramatic interpretive canvas.

Inwindow has partnered with Bacardí and OMG as their maiden clients to promote the premium rum, Bacardí Reserva Ocho. As part of their project, Inwindow was responsible for finding the best locations and local artists who could bring their unique artistic styles to create an exceptional mural piece for Bacardí. After thorough research and selection, the initial markets selected were San Diego and Miami, where murals were done by Gregory Siff and Rey Jaffet.

Jeff Cohen, Inwindow’s CEO says “There are several factors that really make this medium special. First, unlike most forms of Out of Home that are created on a computer screen, we’re encouraging artists to create one-of-kind works of art that are their interpretations of the brand. Of course, this is done in direct collaboration with the brand itself, so there’s an exciting creative fusion that happens when both parties hit upon that magical balance between beautiful art and commerce. What’s more, is that it brings in extraordinary artists who mighty normally shy away from commercial work. Second, we’re using retail storefronts as a canvas, which are typically large, ground level, in high-traffic locations and each one is unique which allows for endless creative possibilities. Lastly, digital technology can be integrated behind the retail windows, making for an even more dynamic experience. We’re really excited to be working with some of the most amazing street artists, and based on the beautiful work done for Bacardi, we can’t wait to see where this new medium goes.”

Here’s a video clip from the San Diego campaign which further draws to the heart of what this is about. 

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