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That’s Your Policy?

It's Lame.

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Shot by FotoFetch

If you have followed my weekly posts here at OOH Today, you might have guessed I am passionate about photography, which is true.   A more profound passion of mine is helping educate and promote the OOH industry by becoming better storytellers to their clients and for their client’s campaigns.

Photos help storytelling. This may be why I have become so entrenched with FotoFetch.  I have long recognized how commanding photos of Out of Home advertisements can be.  I know great photos only assist in promoting this industry and in retaining and finding new clients.

But like all worthy goals that will pay dividends, it takes some initial effort and a change of attitude on how some of us in this industry currently deal with photography.  Some still think an install photo does a service.  Get it straight in your head!  Install photos prove you are invoicing for work completed; they do not show how their money is being well spent.

Telling a client you can’t get a photo because their billboard is 100 miles from their office is lame. That doesn’t sound like relationship-building to me.  Clients are asking and expecting more. OOH might be the oldest advertising medium but we as an industry need to adapt to changing times and client attitudes. We can do better.  Take the next step with FotoFetch.

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