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Texas Flood, Astronaut, Exxon and Chris Dolan

Here's One Thing

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astronaut in City


OOH …Here’s One Thing  


by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company

Texas Flood

“If Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix cloned a white guy.  It’d be Stevie Ray Vaughn”.  Okay guys I know I have used Stevie in the past, but I needed a Texas reference and ten seconds after I turned on Texas Flood my appreciation for his genius came rushing back.  



I beg you to tell me that guitar work isn’t the sweetest thing you have ever heard!   

Great Johnsen, so what’s the point?  Well the point is, we were able to acquire our own SRV recently from Texas.  The kind of guy that gives you a renewed faith in the future of the United States…and lord knows we need some of that right now.  In any event, I’d like to introduce you to our new Vice President, Chris Dolan:

“Chris, for the audience, give me your bio in 20 words or less”

“I grew up in New Jersey, went to Purdue for Mechanical Engineering, and now I spend my free time surfing, snowboarding, and golfing.”

(Okay so he is pretty humble too.  Rumor has it he was a hockey stud growing up too)  

“Tell me Chris, how did you first hear about Johnsen, Fretty & Co and how did we trick you into taking the position?”

After graduating from Purdue, I took a job in Texas with Exxon.  For some reason this past year, I decided I was going to crack into investment banking come hell or highwater, so I spent a great deal of time researching different investment banking firms. During my search, I came across Johnsen, Fretty & Co. on Axial.  One interview later, the rest is history. There was no trickery needed to get me to take the position. Jim, Steve, and Gabe were extremely transparent about the roles and responsibilities of the position and thus far, it has been a great experience.  Unlike a larger bank where roles are tightly segregated,  I’ve gotten immediate exposure to all facets of the investment banking world as well as the world of OOH.

“So before you came to JFC, honestly, did you ever think about billboards?  And now two months into the position, what surprises you most about the industry?”

Before joining JFC, I never thought much about billboards. I knew they existed as I would see them, especially in Texas; however, I had no idea how fascinating the billboard industry was until I started at JFC. While I wouldn’t say it was the most surprising thing about the industry, something that has really stood out to me over the past 2 months is how great the people in the OOH industry are. These past 2 months I had the opportunity to interact with several individuals across different organizations and all of them have been nothing less than excellent.  

“So what did you want to be while you were growing up?”

When I was really young I thought I wanted to be an astronaut. I really liked the idea of pushing the limits. After that, there was a period of time where I thought being a professional athlete would be pretty cool. That was up until I had a hockey tournament in Canada and realized that there were a lot of other people out there that were much better at the sport than I was.  

“What did you like the most about Texas?  What did you like the least?”

Well first of all, as someone who is not the biggest fan of the heat, I never thought I would end up in Texas. Life has a way of taking its own course though, and after graduation I ended up living in Texas for 2 years.  What I enjoyed most about the state was its income taxes.  The least…the summer sauna.  Perhaps I didn’t give it enough time.

“How does a kid from southern New Jersey find himself saying, “I really want to go to Purdue?””

Well the short answer is he didn’t. During high school, I found myself doing well in math and science courses so I figured I might as well focus on engineering. Once I decided on Mechanical Engineering, I just applied to the schools that had good programs for the major. Out of the schools I was accepted to, Purdue had the best program for Mechanical Engineering so I packed my bags and went out to Indiana for college.

“Who is your favorite band or musical group?”

My favorite band is Nirvana but I also enjoy listening to other bands such as The Doors, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin.

Cheers.  Feel free to reach out to Chris if you need an injection of straightforward American work ethic and ingenuity.  


Securities transacted through StillPoint Capital Member firm FINRA/SiPC


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