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Target Student’s DOOH Network

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120+ accommodation sites within 30+ university cities

Target Student
Target Student is the UK’s first and leading Digital Out-Of-Home network in university accommodation, revolutionizing the way brands communicate with Gen-Z. The company has a growing network of D6 digital screens in 120+ accommodation sites within 30+ university cities across the UK, with a daily student reach of over 75,000 within the sought-after 18-24 demographic. Their platform provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to reach students in their homes, rather than when they are on the move.

Created by Gen-Z, for Gen-Z
The Co-Founders started exploring the idea while at University and not long after graduating, officially launched the company. Armed with a deep-rooted understanding of the student demographic, they honed in on their recent experiences and knew what students were missing.

Today, Target Student is run by a dynamic team of student advertising experts who possess a rich repertoire of knowledge and hands-on experience in the student space.

Key Challenge for Advertisers
Reaching this audience is a challenging task due to the fragmented and ever-evolving nature of their media consumption habits. Moreover, Gen-Z are increasingly adopting ad-blockers and privacy-enhancing technologies, making it even harder for advertisers to reach them.

Target Student’s DOOH network within student accommodation brings the online back offline and offers a compelling solution for brands to engage with 18–24-year-olds in an environment where they spend most of their time. On average, a student will see their screens 8 times a day, enabling brands to reach them at multiple touch points throughout the day, week, and year. Also, this familiar and more relaxed environment is where students are most receptive to advertising, away from all the distractions of campus life.

The company understands that Gen-Z prefer advertising that feels authentic and relevant. Their network enables brands to reach students with laser-focused, highly targeted and relevant messaging making it a secret weapon to make a big impact, create lasting impressions and deliver messages in a more memorable way.

Collective Student Spend
Students spend collectively over £900m every year in the UK, excluding rent and annually spend £2,500 more than the average 18–30-year-old. The founders recognized this substantial amount and noticed a significant market opportunity for brands. Brands can tap into this significant spending power and reach a demographic that is known for being highly influential in shaping consumer trends and purchasing behavior.

Short Form Video
DOOH advertising taps into Gen-Zs love of punchy, short-form video. Our research shows the sweet spot is 8-10 seconds as Gen-Z are known to have shorter attention spans compared to other generations and prefer to digest information in quick snippets. DOOH adverts are often more engaging and appealing to Gen-Z’s love of technology and desire for a more immersive, interactive, and engaging advertising experience. As a result, this format is a potent way to generate awareness and start their journey as a customer with you.

For more information about this network, please contact info@targetstudent.com.

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