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Steers, Oil and Autonomous Vehicles in OKC

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Oklahoma City announces autonomous vehicles

In the conservative City known for steers and oil. Oklahoma City will soon have autonomous vehicles.
It will be the first driver-less vehicles in the world to deliver groceries.  A fleet of 10 self-driving delivery vans will be deploying in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma DOT officials assured the public, safety is priority one and will require proof of safety in practice as well as access to the public.

Oklahoma City-metro area residents will soon begin ordering groceries to be delivered from the self-driving vehicles. A partnership between local Buy For Less grocery stores and San Francisco-based Udelv the world’s first self-driving delivery vehicle, was announced — with plans to begin deliveries next year. Udelv already has driver-less cars in California.

OOH Today keeps an eye on driver-less cars as a potential threat to our Outdoor Advertising Industry and much-needed continuing reminder to substantively address.

Watch the video and the vehicles in delivery action.





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