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Out of Home, the 'Retro Ad Format'

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Billboards Heyday

Perceived as a Retro Ad Media Format, an article on the further success of Out of Home from a newsletter called ‘Recode’. The post provides effective graphics on the share of market #OOH has against other media. It shares quotes from OOH leaders like John Laramie, CEO of Project X(whose shop placed the Everlane ads featured in our post), Mark Boidman, PJ Solomon, Jeremy Male, OUTFRONT Media and Stephen Freitas, OAAA.

Then story asks the ‘age old question’ and provides the ‘same age old answer,’ as though its something new to Outdoor Advertising, only wrapped against the backdrop of digital online.

The Question: “Why now?”

The Answer: “
This old-school ad format is booming precisely because digital ads are so commonplace. Amid all the digital noise, it’s a guaranteed way to reach a broad swath of people.”

Note to ‘Recode:  Nothing new here.  OOH have always been a mass media capable of reaching ‘a broad swath of people.’  A really broad swath.  We’ll accept the recognition and applaud your ‘discovery’ as someone new to OOH and continue our trek to growing the business.




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  1. Jean-Paul Gedeon says

    History repeats itself. The Tangible aspect of many things is ever increasingly appealing in recent times.

  2. Bill Board says

    Thank you Jean-Paul. We also think there are people who are just becoming ‘woke’ to OOH.

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