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Staying Between the Lines

OOH Photo Today

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OOH Photo Today

I love this photo. The world is full of lines. We are taught to stay between them or keep from them.   If all our structures could have a read like this that would be money!   An unobstructed long RHR. The curved painted traffic lines, shiny guardrails that border a smooth back top highway leading the eye right to the creative. Adding scalloped power lines and prominent vertical power poles with a woodland backdrop complement this OOH structure. And let’s not forget the supporting characters to this great billboard photo ….TRAFFIC ! Heading toward this bulletin.

Context is key when taking a great photo. Not every location can have all these details but finding that sweet spot can make all the difference.

Steve Lind is Co Founder and Chief Evangelist of FotoFetch     steve@fotofetch.com       http://fotofetch.com

FotoFetch is your enterprise resource solution to photography, videography, drones and beyond.  Fotofetch is a U.S. Corporation with investors from around the world changing how we approach commercial photography.   Combining technology and evolving commercial photography solutions FotoFetch serves industries as an on-demand photography source for anywhere in the world.

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  1. Dave Mehall says

    Thanks Steve
    This is one of Times Shamrock Outdoor’s structures in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Happy to work with FotoFetch on these great photos for our clients!

  2. Love the location Dave Mehall

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