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Springfield Missouri’s Top 5 OOH Owners

Who is Number 1?

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Springfield’s Top OOH Operators

So who ‘owns’ Springfield?


We found 7 Springfield, Missouri Out Of Home operators who rank in the top 5.

♦We started working the Geopath Insights Suite for answers in search of the top OOH operators by location count in Springfield and included the total weekly average impressions by each category. Or as we like to say, Springfield’s top OOH companies by inventory.

From the search, we created 3 lists. Seven owner/operators currently have the most Geopath-audited & measured ad opportunities in the Springfield Designated Market Area or DMA.

Read all the way to the end, to find out who is Number 1.
Who owns and where the display is located, with the most impressions for a single display in the Springfield market, delivering 881K impressions in an average week.


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The Top 5 Springfield, Missouri Outdoor Advertising Owners

I. Top 5 Displays
 Top 5 Owners / Operators by Spot Count:

1) Lamar
2) Pioneer Outdoor
3) Buzztime
5) Simon

In total, Geopath audited inventory in Springfield, makes up over 2703 measured displays that deliver a total of 175 million impressions in the average week.


II. Static Bulletins
Top 5 Static Bulletin Owners / Operators by Count

1) Lamar
3) Link Media
4) Pioneer Outdoor
5) DDI

Geopath’s Springfield, MO audit measures 1477 Static bulletins in the market, which delivers 128 million impressions a week.


III. Digital Bulletins
Top Digital Bulletin Owners / Operators by Spot Count:

1) Pioneer
2) Lamar

Geopath measures 377 digital bulletin locations in the Springfield DMA delivering 28 million impressions


The top delivering billboard in Springfield, Missouri is
Lamar’s static bulletin on Sunshine Street that delivers 881K impressions a week


♦ Only Geopath-audited & measured OOH ad opportunities are considered.



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