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Sky Art to Houston’s OUTFRONT

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OUTFRONT Media Houston is supporting a program which will bring local artists designs to some of their open/unsold #OOH space.

Called the Sky Art project, the program was started last year by the Houston First Corporation to give local artists the opportunity to design works that celebrate Houston, and to feature the designs on billboards. Selected artists will receive a $1,000 honorarium.  The idea partnered by Outfront Media, who suggested placing art on billboards that are not rented.  Two to three entries will be selected and on display around the city, with locations to be determined starting this spring.  Artists can submit any idea. It just has to feature the word ‘Houston’ in a creative way.

Better get in soon. The deadline is January 31. Artists can apply for free for Sky Art 2019 here.

See the full story by  click below ⇓

Art Is Coming To Houston’s Freeways And Skies


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  1. Jean-Paul Gedeon says

    We’ve been doing this in Hawaii and the reaction from the community is great! Guest artists and photographers are lining up.
    It’s great.

  2. Bill Board says

    It is a win win of sorts isn’t it Jean-Paul? Particularly if the space is unsold. Of course in Hawaii the entire state is one big art canvas, correct?
    Thank you for your insights and share of OOH in the 50th state!

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