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Shape of Billboard Photo Sheet and POP Future?

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Daddy's Home 2

The old billboard photo sheet could be realizing transformation. WOW LAX Digital Network, for advertiser Paramount Pictures, Daddy’s Home 2, created a cute and effective video of WOW units displaying the new movie. Click here- WOW video. The video features, animated snowing effects appropriate for the Christmas themed movie. The video makes an excellent Proof of Performance (POP) submission an advertiser should love. Could this be the future of Photo Sheets and POPs?   Daddy's Home 2 2

Nice to see an OOH Owner cleverly use software to entertain and enrich a location’s image in a positive transparent manner.  


Daddy's Home 2 3


Click the link WOW Video POP or Photo Sheet Future then the arrow to startvideo.

Nice effort Scott Krantz ‘Benevolent Dictator’ at WOW Media.

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