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See the 7 Winners in the Q1 OOH Creative Collection Competition

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First Creative Collection competition for 2021
sees the most entries in two years

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) has today announced the winners in the quarter one Creative Collection competition for 2021.

The competition attracted 31 submissions from OMA members including: JCDecaux, oOh!media, QMS Media and Shopper Media Group. The new category ‘Out of Home for Good’ received five entries and was the most debated as the judges explored messages that work best to drive action for government and charity campaigns.

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Guest judges included:

  • Ged Hart, Managing Director, Total Outdoor Media (TOM)
  • Nick Karaloukas, General Manager, Australian Outdoor Sign Company (AOSCo)
  • Chris Laws, Managing Director, Enigma
  • Stephanie Say, National Communications & Partnerships Manager, The Big Issue

The judges praised the caliber of all entries, in particular those which performed well across multiple formats. The large number of entries also demonstrated that brands are capitalizing on returning audiences in city centers and high consumer confidence.

OMA CEO Charmaine Moldrich said “The OMA’s quarter one 2021 Creative Collection judging was highly contentious, and for good reason. We are seeing advertisers return to our channel with vigor, and in the best possible way: with big, bold creative, and clever messages.”

Chris Laws, Managing Director, Enigma, said “The Pepsi Challenge has been around as long as me, but their station campaign was a bold take on their longstanding rivalry. Great design and a variety of formats worked together to deliver massive impact. It would have been impossible to ignore.”

“Clear and simple, Daikin’s campaign put them forward as the #1 air conditioning brand. They followed the formula for impactful Out of Home, using the temperature to represent the comfort that would come with being in a well air-conditioned space,” said Nick Karaloukas, General Manager, AOSCo. 

Stephanie Say, National Communications & Partnerships Manager, The Big Issue, valued the addition of the Out of Home for Good category and said, “The Federal Government’s Stop it at the Start campaign conveys an important and powerful message, urging Australians to break the cycle of violence against women through conversations about respect. It serves as an example of the power of the medium, to stop people in their tracks and consider their own role in tackling this social issue.”

“It was great to be a part of the conversation this quarter, as we judged one of the largest collections of entries. What never fails to impress is the ability of good Out of Home creative to capture people’s attention. The clever use of context, time and message demonstrates how Out of Home can embrace such tropes and with innovation, turn a head for a second look and impact that audience” said Ged Hart, Managing Director, TOM.

“The key elements we came back to in deciding the winners were campaigns that were simple, eye catching and humorous. The level of creative that we see on Out of Home continues to improve, making it more and more difficult to judge each quarter. Well done to the creative teams, and their media planers in selecting the right formats and environments to make these campaigns shine,” concluded Moldrich.

Launched in 2013, the Creative Collection celebrates the big, bold, and audacious canvas that is Out of Home by recognizing exceptional campaigns each quarter. Campaigns are judged across the following categories:

  • Big, Bold, and Bright
  • Best Use of Multi-Format
  • Best Use of Digital
  • Innovation in Out of Home 
  • Out of Home for Good

Congratulations to the following winners:

Big, Bold and Bright
Campaign: Subway Footlong Fame
Advertiser: Subway

Creative agency: Publicis
Media agency: Ikon Brisbane
Printer: Cactus Imaging/oOh!media


Big, Bold and Bright
Campaign: Subway Footlong Fame
Advertiser: Subway

Creative agency: Publicis
Media agency: Ikon Brisbane
Printer: Cactus Imaging/oOh!media


Big, Bold, and Bright – Honorable Mention
Campaign: Mardi Gras Parade
Advertiser, creative agency and media agency: Sydney Gay and Lesbian
Mardi Gras
Printer: Grant Print Services


Best Use of Multi-Format
Campaign: Taste Challenge 2021
Advertiser: Pepsi

Creative agency: TBWA Sydney, Sprout Network (venue placement) and The Live Agency (experiential agency)
Media agency: PHD Media
Printer: N/A


Best Use of Digital
Campaign: Daikin Summer Campaign

Advertiser: Daikin 
Creative agency: Elastic Studios
Media agency: Slingshot
Printer: N/A


Innovation in Out of Home
Campaign: Holey Moley ‘Guess the

Golf Balls’
Advertiser: Channel 7
Creative agency: Direct
Media agency: Direct
Printer: N/A


Out of Home for Good
Campaign: Stop it at the Start

Advertiser: Federal Government (Department of Social Services)
Creative agency: BMF
Media agency: UM
Printer: Mint Imaging and Blow Up Imaging

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