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EVCS & iKahan Media Create Digital Billboard Network

Combining Chargers with LED Screens

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EVCS Expands Business Model in Partnership with iKahan Media


ARCADIA, CA EVCS, a leader in the electric vehicle (EV) charging station industry, today announced it has partnered with iKahan Media, an independent, minority-owned (MBE) certified outdoor media company to expand and to create a digital billboard network combining EVCS chargers with state of the art LED screens.

EVCS offers a no-cost, turnkey charging station solution to a diverse set of customers ranging from healthcare and hospitality to local governments and mixed-use campuses to benefit real estate owners. In partnering with iKahan Media, EVCS will upgrade its fast-charging network with

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electronic displays to enable advertising and digital signage opportunities and create a greater value for all involved parties.

By expanding its business model to include advertising displays on its fast-charging network, EVCS has created a new revenue stream that further improves the economics of the EV fast charging network. The partnership between iKahan Media and EVCS creates an ad network to offer advertisers a premium platform to reach their audience, benefiting both hosting sites and EV drivers. Commercial site partners already benefit from the company’s revenue sharing program which includes an increase in foot traffic and improved visibility through the ECVS mobile app.

“Our mission has always been to create the most reliable and accessible charging infrastructure in the nation to reduce the economic burden of commuting while simultaneously improving air quality through decreased traffic. By partnering with iKahan Media, we are able to further that mission and together we are creating an amazing platform for advertisers to connect with a captive audience and provide highly-targeted advertising opportunities,” said Ian Vishnevsky, co-founder of EVCS. “We are delighted to partner with iKahan Media and bring a premium digital experience to our charging stations.”

Alejandro Kahan, Chief Executive Officer of iKahan Media said, “We are excited to partner with EVCS to provide state-of-the-art LED digital advertising displays for its EV fast charging network. Our displays bring a unique and targeted advertising opportunity to connect brands and customers and in partnering with EVCS, we are able to work with one of the fastest growing and largest EV fast charging network operators in the U.S.”

About EVCS
EVCS was founded in 2018 by e-mobility entrepreneur and Green Commuter founder Gustavo Occhiuzzo and Ian Vishnevsky, to provide California businesses with charging station solutions. EVCS disrupted the charging station sector by employing a complete turnkey approach that utilizes both public and private grants, rebates, and other financial incentives to encourage businesses to install fast charging stations. EVCS has secured over $50M in public funding and engaged over 500 partner sites which will host over 1,000 fast charging stations. Visit EVCS for more information here: www.evcs.com

About iKahan Media
Founded in 2008, iKahan Media is an independent, minority-owned and certified, out of home media company that connects brands with real customers in the real world through many outdoor media channels delivering millions of daily impressions.  They offer premium inventory, including digital billboards, traditional billboards, and construction barricades in LA & NYC. Visit iKahan Media


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