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Riding Dirty

OOH …Here’s One Thing —"Behind every great fortune lies a great crime"

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OOH …Here’s One Thing



by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company



Riding Dirty

If you are of the same era as me, you probably share my general feelings on rap.  But, come on Johnsen, you can’t just keep posting 80’s rock, readers will start to think you are frozen in the past.  Alright. Here is a little number to mix things up (and IMHO a little more musically oriented than most rap).  


“Police think they can see me lean
I’m tint so it ain’t easy to be seen
When you see me ride by they can see the glean
And my shine on the deck and the TV screen”

Chamillionaire  (yes that’s his name. It’s not a typo)

So for those of us that are ehem, a little behind the times, what the heck does ridin’ dirty mean?  Turns out, boom, right there in the urban dictionary, there it is:

  1. Driving with an expired, suspended, or revoked license; or driving without a valid license or license plates.
    2. Driving a vehicle with expired tags or failed inspection.
    3. Driving a stolen vehicle.
    4. Driving with unregistered guns in the vehicle.
    5. Driving while intoxicated or under the influence.
    6. Driving with illegal drugs/controlled substances in a vehicle.

Thanks for the Monday morning cultural lesson, Johnsen, but what’s the point.  Well, altar boys and choir girls, lest we sleep at night thinking we are squeaky clean, I am here to burst your bubble.  I have had the “good” fortune to hang around the campfire with enough operators to know that there are two camps out there that ne’er’ do meet.  Those hard working men and women that would say “wow, I would have never thought of that angle” or the other camp of “cool kids” that would say “been there done that”.  Mind you, no judgement.  As Honore De Balzac once said, “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime”.  

Without further ado, here is a couple handfuls.  My guess is its just a start 🙂

  1. Selling a campaign and then not posting some or all of the copy for the month
  2. Posting some of the campaign on someone else’s board(s) without them knowing about it or paying them for it.  (Anyone remember Bernie Barton?  He would contract with an agency for a whole bunch of faces without owning a single one). 
  3. Playing the allocation game.  Aka on multiple unit sales, allocating more of the revenue to boards with lower or no percentage rent.  
  4. Running a particular face or faces at 150% occupancy (aka reselling a static face more than once in a period without posting one of the two campaigns)
  5. Posting some of the units purchased and throwing the rest in the garbage
  6. Posting SOB copy (okay truth be told that’s in the gray zone)
  7. Signing up “friendly” clients who don’t have to pay to inflate revenues during a sale process
  8. Pulling a permit on one address and then building on an adjacent address (either to get a better read, jam a landlord or both)
  9. Pulling a lease and a permit with the express intent of not building it, but using it to space another unit out (pretty smart actually if you can get away with it)
  10. Drop a pole in the ground at 3am on a Sunday or on Christmas Day (aka erect an illegal billboard or one without ALL the proper permits)
  11. Worse, selling an illegal billboard to someone else and claiming it’s legal
  12. Sprinkling billboard fertilizer on a unit to make it grow several feet.  
  13. Increasing the size of a billboard face(s) beyond the permit specs
  14. Moving the pole over a little from what the survey says to produce a better read
  15. Greasing the skids on local politics…(okay I won’t go there)

Budumpbumpbump… Switching back to the subject of rap, if you want to start the week with a laugh, click on this little jingle:

The Humpty Dance —Shock G aka Humpty-Hump



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