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Reese’s Cup Commits to OOH

Hershey's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Billboards Dot Nashville

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Sweet Ride

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Uses Billboards 

Demonstrating the power of OOH and some credit to social media, Reese’s purchased 5 billboards trying to locate a fan whose car was fully wrapped with well, Reese’s Cups and Pieces.

Last seen in Nashville, The Hershey Company was trying to identify the owner of the sweet ride. Actually they placed a phone number on the billboard, but it was social media, through the activation of Outdoor Advertising, which helped them find the designer.  When is everyone in the Ad Industry going to figure out the power of OOH and  digital online?

Ah, the power of the billboard.  Via #OOH they found their manReese sent him a year’s supply of chocolate . TODAY Food learned that The Hershey Company—parent brand of Reese’s—got a call from a local news station, which identified the driver as Springfield, Tennessee-based professional car detailer, Lavoy Sales. Lavoy Sales also wrapped this car  below with Payday. Looks like his ‘Payday’ arrived.

Reese’s ‘Cups’ and ‘Pieces’

A few more outrageous creative displays of Reese’s we ran across in our research for this story, are below.













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