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OOH Today’s Champion-Levi Eichenstein

How he earned a 'master's degree' through Vista Media's acquisition of TDI/Outdoor and suddenly found himself working for one of the largest OOH Company’s in the country.

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Levi Eichenstein
OOH Today features individuals who Champion and define Outdoor Advertising. We share the faces and stories behind the names who add a personal dimension to Out Of Home (OOH).  Personal connections, are still an important part of OOH and is an Industry where the people behind the company, are as important as the company itself.

Today, we are visiting with Levi Eichenstein, of Red Rock Outdoor.









Levi Eichenstein, is 39 years old and started in the Outdoor Advertising business at the tender age of 21.  Levi is President and CEO of Red Rock Outdoor.  Red Rock is headquartered in Chelsea (Manhattan) with inventory predominantly located in New York City.

Levi’s work experience in OOH, has involved ‘every conceivable Outdoor Advertising role, being active in all aspects of the Industry’ during his career.  His passion is creating opportunities on the real estate side and thinking outside the box with advertising clients, providing them with unique one of a kind experiences and display.  Levi shares his educational experience as, “I got a master’s degree in the outdoor business with the company I first started working for, Vista Media.  Vista, with its acquisition of TDI/Outdoor Systems assets, “suddenly became one of the largest OOH company’s in the country.”

“I love the OOH business and cannot conceivably see myself in any other business. I love the experiential component to the business and get a kick out of new to OOH clients on billboards and enjoying what they see.”

Here is a brief interview with Levi Eichenstein, of Red Rock Outdoor.

BB: Levi, what drew you to the billboard business?

LE: I was always fascinated by the sign business. I like the real estate aspect of it and the advertising aspect independent of each other.

BB: Why have you stayed?

LE: The ability to advance my career at the companies I worked for and always be able to think outside the box. No two days are alike in this business.

BB: Describe the future of OOH.

LE: I think Digital OOH will be a huge part of our business, but it will also stabilize in terms of how it’s bought vs other formats. The ability to sell digital with day parting and create relevant time sensitive content is big. That, together with real-time data, allow advertisers to use OOH more often, in more places.

The ability to sell digital with day parting and create relevant time sensitive content is big. That, together with real-time data, allow advertisers to use OOH more often, in more places.

BB: Is there anyone you most admire or credit to providing significant influence in your OOH career?

LE: Keith Thompson is the one who originally gave me the shot in this business (and for that I’m forever grateful), Chris Young (current CFO of Entravision) for affording me the ability to advance, Rick Robinson, for teaching me the value and methods of knowing the market you’re in and to always question the status quo. Jack Sullivan, for always having an open door and being available. I admire Kevin and Sean Reiley, (CCO and President of Lamar respectively) They’re two individuals who have grown and contributed so much to this industry and do it with no ego. John G. Miller, is someone else who I admire. I worked with him for a short amount of time, but looked up to him in a huge way. He’s a class act.

BB: Here’s a magic wand, Change 3 things in OOH Industry today.

LE: I have 3 changes Bill.
1. More willingness for clients to be open to change; change buying habits and change planning habits. Just because a client has been buying the same plan for the last few years, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be open to new opportunities;
2. Open line of communication with clients/agencies.
3. RFP’s, RFP’s, RFP’s. As an independent operator, we spend significant time not just responding to RFP’s, but also trying to get on them in the first place. We’d appreciate feedback where possible, so that we can work more efficiently.

BB: What is missing in the OOH Community? What is your solution?

LE: Lack of representation by true independent operators at the big table. The voice for the small guy isn’t really represented (both on the agency side and the vendor side). What is needed is more industry educational events. Creating a network and community of independent operators to communicate, learn and teach.

BB: Great visiting with you Levi

LE: Thank you Bill.

Levi encourages and welcomes contact.
Phone:  212-404-2758
Email: levi@redrockoutdoor.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/levieichenstein

Twitter: RedRockOutdoor

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  1. Jean-Paul Gedeon says

    I always enjoy these spotlights!

  2. Bill Board says

    Thank you JPG. We do too! Levi Eichenstein knows NYC.